Registration Boards of CORU update Language Requirements

Author: Lyn McCarthy

July 24, 2018

All registration boards of CORU, the Health and Social Care Professionals Council, have recently updated their language requirements for those applying via the standard registration route.

Each Applicant will be subject to a language assessment unless they:

  • Have completed a CORU approved qualification which is listed as the approved qualification Bye law relevant to their profession; or
  • The applicant can provide the evidence their professional qualification was acquired through the medium of Irish or English and that practice placements were undertaken and supervised through the medium of Irish or English; or
  • The applicant can provide evidence that they lived in and practised their profession through the medium of English or Irish in a country where English or Irish is recognised as the official language of that country for a period of time of no less than two years of the past five year period.

All CORU registration boards are entitled, pursuant to S.I No 8 of 2017, to carry out language controls in order to ensure that each applicant has sufficient knowledge of the language necessary to practise their profession in Ireland.

Further information regarding the new language requirements can be accessed here.

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